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As a professional author I write about a variety of business topics related to start-ups, new product launches, mass marketing, strategic growth and business grants. I also work as a ghost writer, helping my clients articulate their ideas and share them with others. Contact me for more information about my work as a ghost writer and to discuss how we can work together to make your dream of writing a book a reality.


Business grants book

Get your copy of Business Grants: Everything you need to know to connect with local, state and Federal grants for business today and learn how to uncover the right government grant opportunities for your business and how to write a winning proposal that gets funded!

Ron Flavin is a leading grant expert who has raised more than $160 million in government grants for his clients. This book will help you discover where the business grants can be found and more important, how you can access them for your business. I’ll show you the ins and outs of the world of business grants and teach you how to develop a compelling grant proposal that makes reviewers say “YES” to your funding request. This book will also help you understand what grant reviewers look for in a winning grant proposal and will teach you to uncover the business grant programs that are right for YOUR company. Follow this link to purchase the eBook for instant download.

Business Grants Book

The United States government supports entrepreneurs and businesses by providing billions of dollars in funding through grants administered by 26 different Federal agencies. Each year, these agencies publish more than 1,000 different grant opportunities that are open to small businesses. Thousands more business grant opportunities are offered through state and local agencies. But make no mistake about it--while yes, there are billions of dollars in small business grants available every year, it's not the 'government money free-for-all' that some people would have you believe. Governmental agencies don't just give away 'free' money with no strings attached, and they don't have billions of dollars in grants set aside just for women, minorities and people who want to start a business or pay off debts. The majority of federal government grants given to small businesses are awarded specifically to support research and development activities. 

Even if your project is not related to research, there are lots of ways for your business to gain access to government grant funds, and this book can show you how.

The difficulty accessing business grants is that there are literally thousands of grant scams circulating across the Internet making it difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.

Get your copy today and learn how to find the right business grant program for you and get the funding you need.


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